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About Antioxidant Testing

Work Your Body

A general testing of your body’s health and fitness condition will answer your antioxidant questions and will essentially lead to successful antioxidant testing. There are a number of tests that can be done in order to come to the conclusion that you are fit and healthy. They are not inexpensive but definitely essential at least once a year.

A fit body composition should have approximately 14% to 17% of body fat in a man and 21% to 24% in a woman according to a recent study. Anything over 32% for a woman is considered obese and the maximum for a man is 25%.

This is a Test

Metabolic testing is important as it is responsible to keep your body functioning, heart beating and you breathing well. There is highly capable machinery today which can tell very accurately both rates. By finding out your metabolism rate you will know how many calories you should consume on a daily basis to keep yourself healthy and in shape.

Yet another testing is the nutritional evaluation. This can determine what nutrients you lack and what you have in excess. It is very important as this will determine the amount of antioxidants you will require on a daily basis. There are many more other tests that will be done should any of the above tests have a very negative outcome. All these tests are antioxidant testing.

Antioxidant testing determines the state of your body. Antioxidants help your body to repair damages and restore its well being. They work from inside eliminating free radicals, which are the main cause of cell damage, and repairing the damages done.

Benefits of Antioxidant Testing

Knowing your antioxidant levels in the body can help you to prevent your body from serious diseases and aging. Antioxidants and available in fresh fruits, vegetables, teas, coffee (yes its true) and grains. You can consume them as desired and in combination.

Antioxidants are also available in pills but those should be administered only after consulting your doctor to avoid overdosing.

Choose a better lifestyle that benefits your body and soul and start by adding antioxidants to your daily diet in any form you find best for you.